Online Writing

Online essays
Experimenting with Coffee“: An essay co-authored with Shen-yi Liao with photographs by Justin Slee
Latte art as art“: An essay with photographs by Justin Slee

Some invited blog posts
Chef interview: A long interview with a young philosophically-minded chef for AFB.
Eating, Drinking and Imagining: An invited blog post for The Junkyard blog.
An Experiment in Philosophy and Poetry: An invited blog post for Daily Nous and Aesthetics for Birds.
What is the philosophy of comics?: An invited blog piece for Comics Forum
How good are comics?: An invited piece on the value of comics on the Pencil Panel Page blog
What are the secrets of identification and the icon we call the cartoon?: Another piece I wrote for Pencil Panel Page
How do you know if ‘bad’ art really is bad?: A co-authored piece about the bad art research for the OUP blog
Oishinbo: My contribution to 100 Philosophers 100 Artworks 100 Words at Aesthetics for Birds.

A couple of online interviews
Aesthetics and Popular Art: An Interview with Aaron Meskin (by Dan Cavedon-Taylor)
Interview: The Art of Comics: A Philosophical Approach (by Liam Cooper)

Remembering my PhD advisor and mentor, Peter Kivy
Remembering Peter Kivy

A book review from last century
A review of Aesthetics and Ethics ed. Jerrold Levinson

A report about a talk on food and art which I gave in Mexico City (in Spanish)
Boletín UAM visita Aaron Meskin