Food and drink in and around Athens

The Comerian: A great little bakery out in Comer, GA (about 20 miles away). The baker is a retired physics professor. There’s a nice state park nearby, and a lovely farm store nearby.
Independent Baking Co.: An excellent bakery in Five Points.

Dawg Gone Good BBQ: Good BBQ near campus.
Pulaski Heights BBQ: Solid BBQ, excellent veg options and a nice sauce selection.
Tamez BBQ: They say the right things and the brisket was decent the one time we went. But the sides were not good at all. Willing to try again but the family is unconvinced.

Heirloom Cafe and Fresh Market: We like this farm to table restaurant for brunch.
Note: There are lots of other places that serve brunch in Athens. I am not entirely persuaded by Mama’s Boy or Big City Bread Cafe, but they are perfectly adequate and quite popular. (I can’t deal with the weekend line at the former though.) J Christopher’s is a cheerful (chain) place in Five Points.

Clocked: Excellent burgers at a pleasant place with a good diner feel.

Kelly’s Jamaican Food: Good jerk chicken and pork. Large portions.

New Red Bowl: Not amazing, but they have some good Szechuan dishes.

1000 Faces Coffee: The best coffee in Athens by far.

Half-Shepherd Market and Cheese Shop: A great deli. Very good cheese and charcuterie.

Creature Comforts Tasting Room: A superb brew pub.
Dinner Party: You can get a good drink sitting at the bar of this restaurant.
The Expat: The owner co-authored a book on Southern cocktails.
The Old Pal: A very good bar in Normaltown.
Seabear Oyster Bar: Nice drinks and a very good oyster selection.

Mannaweenta: Is it great? No. Have we had some delicious food there? Yes.

Latin American
Cali N Titos: Whatever it is (Cuban/Mexican/fusion), it is cheap and delicious–our go-to place for a quick meal in Athens.
Punta Cana Latin Grill: Solid Dominican.

Tacos Los Plebes: A taqueria. The best Mexican I’ve had in town so far. Note: I think Tlaloc El Mexicano is adequate but overrated.

Jinya: We’ve ordered from them twice. I like the noodle texture, but the soup bases are mediocre at best.

Relatively Upscale
The Expat: I love the feel of the place but my dining experience has been a bit mixed. On the other hand, the To Go menu during the pandemic was very good. And, as mentioned above, it’s a great place for a drink.
Five & Ten: New Southern. Excellent space. Nice food and drink.
home.made: Regional. Local. Good food. Don’t love the space.
The National: A solid European-inflected restaurant downtown and certainly one of Athens’ best.