Food and Drink (Athens)

(in progress)

Dawg Gone Good BBQ: good BBQ near campus.
Pulaski Heights BBQ: solid BBQ, excellent veg options, nice sauce selection.

Heirloom Cafe and Fresh Market: we like this farm to table restaurant for brunch, the service is particularly good.
There are lots of other places that serve brunch in Athens. I am not entirely persuaded by Mama’s Boy, Big City Bread Cafe or LRG Provisions, but they are all perfectly adequate and quite popular. J Christopher’s is a cheerful (chain) place in 5 Points.

Clocked: Excellent burgers at a pleasant place with a good diner feel.

Kelly’s Jamaican Food: Good jerk chicken. Large portions.

New Red Bowl: Not amazing, but they have some good Szechuan dishes.

1000 Faces Coffee: the best coffee in Athens by far. (Occasionally I get an excellent cortado at Independent Bakery, but it’s been a bit variable lately.)

Creature Comforts Tasting Room: superb brew pub.
Donna Chang’s: you can get a good drink sitting at the bar of this restaurant.
The Expat: upstairs, especially during happy hour, is a great place for a drink.
Seabear Oyster Bar: nice drinks, very good oyster selection.

Latin American
Cali N Titos: whatever it is (Cuban/Mexican/fusion), it is cheap and delicious–our go to place for a quick meal in Athens.
Punta Cana Latin Grill: solid Dominican.

Tacos Los Plebes: a taqueria. The best Mexican I’ve had in town so far.

Jinya: I was impressed by their noodle texture, but the soup base was only adequate.

The Expat: I love the feel of the place but my dining experience has been a bit mixed. On the other hand, the To Go menu during the pandemic has been superb. And, as mentioned above, it’s a great place for a drink.
Five & Ten: New Southern. Excellent space. Nice food.
home.made: Regional. Local. Good food. Don’t love the space.
The National: a solid European-inflected restaurant downtown and certainly one of Athens’ best. But I enjoyed my meals at the previous two restaurants a bit more.